Chapter: 1.0 - Quick Start

Review Roles

There’s a good chance that you’ll want certain roles on your site to work differently than other roles.  So take a look at the MEMBER MANAGER->USER ROLES items to see if any of those might be useful for you.

Review Components

At this point you probably have a good default version of SPMM running on your site and now its time to add a few features.  Take a look at the components under SETTINGS->COMPONENTS.  Turn on the ones you think you might need and review the components documentation on this site.

About The Default Pages

As you probably know by now, SPMM generates or requires the following pages in order to work: User Profiles Account Registration Login Password Reset Logout Member Directory You might be wondering what some of these pages do and how they’re supposed to be used. User Profile Page The user profile page is the page that […]

Create Default Pages

As soon as the plugin is activated, you should see a notice at the top of your website admin panel that states: Simple:Press Member Management needs to create several pages (User Profiles, Account, Registration, Login, Password Reset, Logout, Member Directory) to function correctly. Along with this message should be a button, Create Pages. If this […]

Quick Start Overview

Here are the six steps to getting started with your new member manager plugin. Installation Create Default Pages Learn About Each Default Page And away you go! At this point your site is up and running with Simple:Press Member Manager.  Now, its time to fine-tune things. Review Roles Review and Enable Components  

Introduction To Simple:Press Member Manager

Welcome to the documentation for Simple:Press Member Manager.  This WordPress plugin brings a centralized customer experience to your site – combining account pages, user profiles, memberships and elements of social media into one beautiful and cohesive user experience. These days, the user experience on a site must be flawless in order to compete.  This extends […]

Advanced Settings

At this time you should take a look at some of the advanced settings to see if any of them might be useful to you. Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->ADVANCED to review these settings Don’t forget to click the SAVE SETTINGS button if you do make a change!

Configure Your Email Settings

You can configure the “from” email settings so that your customers know who is sending them emails. WordPress’s defaults tend to be a little wonky so its best if you configure something a bit more informative. Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->EMAIL Update the FROM EMAIL and FROM NAME. Leave the admin email options checked for now so […]