Section: Member Manager

Custom Profile Forms

Users can be assigned different PROFILE forms based on their roles.  In order to use this feature, you will need to do the following: Create your user roles (if they do not already exist) and make sure that they are assigned to your users Create a custom user profile form for each of your roles […]


Shortcodes allow you to display data from the Simple:Press Member Manager plugin in most places where WordPress allows you to enter text.  In particular these includes, posts, pages and widgets. Note: Some plugins and themes might override shortcode use in certain locations on your site (such as widgets and custom post types).  If a short-code […]


Simple:Press Member Manager adds a very useful control option under each of your menu items that allow you to control who can see the menu item. This option is very useful when you want to have your LOGIN page appear only to logged out users and your LOGOUT link available only to users that are […]

Review Roles

There’s a good chance that you’ll want certain roles on your site to work differently than other roles.  So take a look at the MEMBER MANAGER->USER ROLES items to see if any of those might be useful for you.

Review Components

At this point you probably have a good default version of SPMM running on your site and now its time to add a few features.  Take a look at the components under SETTINGS->COMPONENTS.  Turn on the ones you think you might need and review the components documentation on this site.

User Roles

User Roles are a core concept in WordPress – they (along with low-level “capabilities”) allow WordPress to flexibly provide user security.  SPMM builds upon this system and adds additional controls to each user role. SPMM does not add any additional user roles – it simply uses what is already there.  WordPress itself creates 4 of […]

Form Management

When SPMM is installed, three forms are automatically created: The default registration form The default login form The default profile form For most sites, these forms are the only three that are necessary and you can go ahead and modify them as needed. But, you can also create new forms. Modifying the default forms You […]

Appearance Settings

Under Appearance Settings you can set up options for: Profile Profile Menu Registration Form Login Form Access these settings by going to MEMBER MANAGER->SETTINGS and selecting the APPEARANCE tab. Profile This area provides the ability to control the size and contents of the user profile screen as well as set default photos if the user […]

Email Settings

Under Email Settings you can set up the contents of each individual email that is sent from your site. Access these settings by going to MEMBER MANAGER->SETTINGS and selecting the EMAIL tab Each email type can be configured by clicking the GEAR icon on the right hand side of the screen. Changing the email template […]

Access Settings

Under Access Settings you can set up options for: Restriction Content Other Misc Access Settings Access these settings by going to MEMBER MANAGER->SETTINGS and selecting the ACCESS tab Restriction Content These settings control the post types that are subjected to restriction, which areas of the site is accessible to users and any messages that a […]