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You can create menus that are shown for specific membership levels.  To do this, you first need to enable custom menus for each of your membership levels that require it. Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->LEVELS and edit any level. Scroll down to the NAVIGATION MENU option Turn on the check-box Click the Save Settings button. After you […]

Display Membership Card

The user profile page has a link to View and Print Membership Card.  But, for that to work, you need to set up the page with the appropriate short-code: [spms_membership_card] See short-code description and options here: All Short-codes When the user clicks the PRINT link in the upper right side of the page they will […]

Locking Memberships

Locking a membership prevents a user from making changes to their membership level.  This includes preventing them from upgrading to a membership if they currently do not have one.  This feature is useful for problem members that repeatedly purchase and cancel membership. Additionally, you can lock a membership for a specific term.  This is useful […]


Display A Progress Bar For Goals [spms_goal level=”1,2″ goal=”100″ goal_type=”members” fill_color=”#9932CC”] The short-code attributes are: after: Text to display after the goal text. background_color: Hexadecimal color value for background of the entire goal bar. Default: “#BBBBBB”. before: Text to display before the progress text to date. fill_color: Hexadecimal color value for the goal’s progress bar. […]

Roles and Capabilities

Capabilites When the plugin is first activated the following WordPress capabilities are added: spms_dashboard spms_membershiplevels spms_pagesettings spms_paymentsettings spms_emailsettings spms_componentsettings spms_othersettings spms_advancedsettings spms_addons spms_memberslist spms_reports spms_orders spms_discountcodes spms_updates Components also add the following: spms_memberships_menu spms_edit_memberships spms_memberslistcsv spms_orderscsv spms_approvals read list_users add_users remove_users create_users delete_users promote_users edit_users view_admin_dashboard Roles The following roles are added: spms_membership_manager (Membership Manager)