Section: Member Subscriptions - Components

Site-wide Sales

Introduction The Site-wide sales component allow you to set up landing pages that are associated with discount codes.  The discount codes are automatically applied to anyone who has viewed the landing page and checks out (assuming they aren’t blocking cookies from your server). Sales can be configured to start and stop at particular times, render […]

Drip Series (Drip Content)

The SERIES module of SPMS allows you to deliver content to your customers progressively over time.  The technique is commonly called “Drip Feed Content”. Enable the Series Component If you do not see the SERIES option under your Main Menu in wp-admin, it means it probably wasn’t installed when the plugin was activated.  To activate […]

Pay By Check

With the PAY-BY-CHECK component you get some additional options that make it easier to manage payments received by check or wire. Enable the PAY-BY-CHECK Component Background Jobs The pay-by-check component relies on a series of back-ground processes (WordPress cron jobs) to make sure that check payments expire memberships properly and that users are reminded to […]


With the MailChimp component you can add users to MailChimp when they sign up for a membership and remove them when their memberships expire. Enable the MailChimp Component Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->COMPONENTS Scroll down to the MAILCHIMP INTEGRATION section Set the drop-down to YES Click the Save Settings button. Important: Go to the WordPress Plugins Screen […]

Email Confirmations

When a user signs up to a membership level, you can prevent them from using that membership until they validate their email address.  This is useful in preventing spam registrations. This ability is controlled on each membership level you define.  Thus, you can require it for free memberships and not require it for paid memberships. […]

Custom Post Types

You can add the Require Membership metabox to any WordPress Custom Post Type.  Straight out of the box, SPMS will add this metabox to the following Custom Post Types: Post Page Products (WooCommerce) Additionally, it will not allow you to add the metabox to CPTs that make no sense.  So, the following are not even […]


With the approvals function an admin or other specified user can be assigned to approve new memberships before they are activated.  You can control which membership levels require approvals so not all memberships are subjected to this restriction before becoming active. Some examples of where approvals might be handy are: VIP Membership Levels Memberships that […]