Section: Member Subscriptions - Notes

Paypal Notes

Expiration Date On Manual Renewals If a membership is set up such that the automatic renewals are not turned on, the user might attempt to renew their subscription manually.  However, with Paypal, the expiration date in SPMS is not updated to add an additional period to the expiration date. For example, if the expiration date […]

Integrating with Simple:Press Forums

You can automatically enable Simple:Press forums permissions to users who purchase particular subscriptions.  To do this, you should first create your forums and security groups in the Simple:Press Forums plugin. Then, in each membership level in the Simple:Press Member Subscriptions plugin, scroll down to the Simple:Press Forum User Group section and assign a user group […]

Some Important Notes About Combinations of Recurring Billing and Expiration Dates For Membership Levels

Simple:Press Member Subscriptions can be used to set up a number of different membership structures and pricing structures.  However, for most users, there is no reason to set up a membership with both a recurring billing and an expiration date.  You should choose one or the other! The reason is simple – when the recurring […]