Section: Member Subscriptions

Advanced Settings

At this time you should take a look at some of the advanced settings to see if any of them might be useful to you. Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->ADVANCED to review these settings Don’t forget to click the SAVE SETTINGS button if you do make a change!

Configure Your Email Settings

You can configure the “from” email settings so that your customers know who is sending them emails. WordPress’s defaults tend to be a little wonky so its best if you configure something a bit more informative. Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->EMAIL Update the FROM EMAIL and FROM NAME. Leave the admin email options checked for now so […]

Setup your payment gateway

If you are charging for your memberships, you need a payment processor (payment gateway). The two most popular gateways are STRIPE and PAYPAL.  Paypal has a number of different gateways so its important to configure the correct one if you do use paypal. Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->PAYMENT GATEWAY & SSL Click the PAYMENT GATEWAY drop-down and […]

Setup your WordPress pages

Your new membership system needs a few pages to be set up with the proper WordPress shortcodes so that your users can have something to interact with. To do this: Go to MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->PAGES Since this is a new installation, you will see a prompt that says Simple:Press Can Generate These Pages For You.  Click the […]

Create A New Membership Level

This is the first step towards getting your membership system up and running in WordPress. Go To MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->LEVELS Click the ADD NEW LEVEL button at the top of the screen. Give the level a name and optionally a description Specify an initial payment and, if doing recurring payments, check the Recurring Subscription checkbox. Turn on/off […]

Quick Start Overview

Here are the six steps to getting started with your new membership plugin. Installation Create a membership level Setup your WordPress pages Setup your payment gateway Configure your email settings Consider some advanced settings Test your site And away you go! But, before you do any of this, you really really should spend some time […]

Introduction To Simple:Press Member Subscriptions

Hello there – thank you for purchasing Simple:Press Member Subscriptions (SPMS).  This plugin includes: This is our take on Paid Subscriptions for WordPress. It includes: Multiple membership types and levels Multiple revenue options including one-time payments, recurring payments, trials, discount codes, initial fees, site-wide sales and more Paypal and Stripe payment gateways Integration with Mailchimp, […]