Simple:Press Documentation

Access Settings

Under Access Settings you can set up options for:

  • Restriction Content
  • Other Misc Access Settings

Access these settings by going to MEMBER MANAGER->SETTINGS and selecting the ACCESS tab

Restriction Content

These settings control the post types that are subjected to restriction, which areas of the site is accessible to users and any messages that a user will see when they try to access a protected area without permission:

  • Global Site Access:  Set who can access the entire site – everyone or only logged in users are the two options.  If you specify that the site is only accessible to logged in users, a few other options will automatically appear that allow you to fine tune this behavior.  The additional options include a redirect url and the ability to exclude some URLs from the restriction.
  • Restricted Access Message: Set the message that the user will see when they try to access a protected area of the site
  • Restricted Access To Posts:  Which content types can SPMM restrict?  The ones selected here will automatically have a new option added to their pages allowing SPMM to disable or enable access.  The two default options are POSTS and PAGES.


Click on the OTHER link to see and set a number of misc options:

  • Enable the reset password limit: This is a security measure that prevents the user from doing unlimited password resets
  • Reset Password Limit: Number of times a user can reset their password if the above option is turned on
  • Blocked Email Address: A list of blocked email addresses
  • Blacklist Words: A list of words that cannot be used in the login name when a user is creating an account