Simple:Press Documentation

Custom Profile Forms

Users can be assigned different PROFILE forms based on their roles.  In order to use this feature, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create your user roles (if they do not already exist) and make sure that they are assigned to your users
  2. Create a custom user profile form for each of your roles – a form can be assigned to one or more roles
  3. Add the short-code for each form to the USER profile page (as defined in MEMBER MANAGER->GENERAL->PAGES->User Page)

Create your user roles

Go to MEMBER MANAGER->USER ROLES and create any user roles you might need.

Then go to the WordPress USERS page and assign the roles to your users.

Note: Normally, your users already have roles defined and assigned – either by core WordPress or plugins.  But you might have a custom workflow that assigns roles to users manually as well.

Create a custom USER PROFILE form or each role

  • Hover over the DEFAULT PROFILE form and click the DUPLICATE link that shows up.
  • Make the changes you might need and then click on the drop-down in the Apply custom settings to this form option in the sidebar.  Set it to yes.
  • A new set of options will show up.  You must set at least one role in the Make this profile form role-specific field.  This form will apply to those roles.
  • Save the form and take note of the SHORTCODE.

Add the short-code to the USER page

  • Go to the WordPress PAGES list and find the USER page.  It will have a tag called SPMM USER and is usually named USER (so it will be close to the bottom of the pages list if the pages are in alphabetical order).
  • Edit the page and add the short-code for the new form.  Remove the existing default short-code and save the page.
  • Create new PROFILE forms (following the steps in the section above) for all other roles and add their short-codes to this page (one beneath the other).
  • Now, when the page is viewed by a user, only the form that applies to that user will show up.

It is very important that you have a form for each role and that only one short-code for each role is used on this page.  Otherwise you’ll end up with no profile data being shown for a user or duplicate profile data.