Simple:Press Documentation

Form Management

When SPMM is installed, three forms are automatically created:

  • The default registration form
  • The default login form
  • The default profile form

For most sites, these forms are the only three that are necessary and you can go ahead and modify them as needed.

But, you can also create new forms.

Modifying the default forms

You can modify forms under MEMBER MANAGER->FORMS.

A form can have multiple sections(rows) and each section(row) can have up to three columns.

The type of form is shown at the top of the screen and, for default forms, cannot be changed.  The core of a typical form looks like this:

Here is a description of what each numbered area does:

  1. Use these controls to change the number of columns in the row/section
  2. Use the PLUS sign here to add a new section below and the pencil icon to set some options for the section (row)
  3. These are individual fields that have been added to the row
  4. Use the PLUS sign located here to add new fields
  5. Use the PLUS sign located here to add a new row (same as item 2).

For fields, you can use the mouse to drag-and-drop to re-order or use the thrash icon to delete.

Adding Fields

When you use the PLUS sign to add a field to a form, you get a POPUP that looks like this:

There are three sections on this form.  The top section is where you can create a completely new field definition.  The middle section consists of fields that have been pre-defined by SPMM and the lower section (custom fields) are where any new fields you create are added.

This might be a bit confusing – what does “fields you create” mean?.  So lets follow an example.  We’re going to create a TEXT field labelled Favorite Color.  So click on the first button on the popup titled TEXT BOX – then you’ll see the following screen:

The TITLE field on this window is the name of your custom field – so set it to Favorite Color.  Users will not see this name.  They will see whatever you type into the LABEL field so set that to Favorite Color as well.  You also need to fill out the META KEY field – this is the name used internally by WordPress – you can use something like _spmm_favorite_color.

Fill out the other fields as you see fit and then click the ADD button.  This is how we filled out the field:

After clicking the ADD button your new field will be added to the row.

But, the key thing here is that this field is a REUSABLE field.  If you click the PLUS sign again to add a new field, you’ll see you have the option of adding a COLOR field in the custom fields section at the bottom of the popup.  The option will be disabled though since it is already present on this form.  But if you create a new form or edit one of the other default forms, you will be able to add it without having to re-enter all the field data again.

Now, when the user edits their profile form, they will have the option to enter their favorite color:

User Meta

When you are editing the PROFILE FORM, you might see a box on the right hand side called USER META.

So what is user meta in the context of SPMM?

Its simple – any fields added to the USER META box will show up at the TOP of the user’s profile form – just under their name.  See the red box in the image below:

Additional Field Types

When you enable certain components, additional pre-defined fields will be added to the list of fields.  For example enabling the WooCommerce Integration component will add some WC fields and enabling MailChimp Integration will add some MailChimp specific fields.

Useful Field Options

A couple of the most useful field options are the VISIBILITY options and the PRIVACY options.  For each field you can set where the field is visible as well as who can view the field.

Creating New Forms

You are able to create new forms and assign them to specific roles and pages. So, for example, you can set up a registration form that you give to one group of users and another form that you give to another group.  You can also create different profile forms for different groups/roles. This provides the ultimate in flexibility when servicing the needs of your users.

To create a new form you have two choices:

  1. You can start from scratch by going to MEMBER MANAGER->FORMS and clicking the ADD NEW button at the top of the forms list.
  2. You can hover over any of the existing forms in the form list and click the DUPLICATE link.

Either way, you’ll be able to create a new form with just the fields you require.

Restricting Forms

To restrict who can use the form you can set the CUSTOMIZE THIS FORM option to “Yes” and select the roles and other options that will be applicable to the form.

Make The Form Visible / Create and Share the Form Link

Once the form is created you still need to put it on a page – use the form’s shortcode on a new page and then add the page to a menu.  Or, place the page link where you need it on other areas of your site.