Simple:Press Documentation

General Settings

Under General Settings you can set up options for:

  • Pages
  • Users
  • Account
  • Uploads

Access these settings by going to MEMBER MANAGER->SETTINGS and selecting the GENERAL tab (which should be the default tab selected under most circumstances).


This should already be set up if you created the default pages just after you activated the plugin for the first time.  But, you can also create additional pages and then specify them here.  Each page contains just a short-code – for example:


If you click on the USERS link you have the following options:

  • Profile Permalink Base:  How do you want to construct the URL that takes a user to their profile page?  By default it includes the username but can be set to include the first and last name or the WordPress user id.
  • User Display Name:  How should the user’s name be displayed?  This is similar to the standard WordPress user display name option.
  • Automatically redirect author pages to their profile page:  If set to yes, when a user clicks a WordPress author page link, they will be taken to the author’s SPMM Profile page instead.
  • Enable Members Directory:  If you want users to be able to view a directory of users, turn this on.  Otherwise, when turned off, directory short-codes and pages go nowhere.
  • Use Gavatars: Turns this on to use Gravatars if the user did not upload a profile photo
  • Require a strong password:  Turn this on to require a strong password when the user resets it.  This does NOT apply on registration – use the registration form fields to control that behavior instead.


Clicking the ACCOUNT link will provide the following options:

  • Password Account Tab:  Turn on/off the password tab on the user account screen
  • Privacy Account Tab:  Turn on/off the privacy tab on the user account screen
  • Notifications Account Table:   Turn on/off the notifications tab on the user account screen
  • Delete Account Tab:   Turn on/off the Delete Account tab on the user account screen
  • Account Deletion Custom Text:  Text to show when the user asks to delete their account
  • Add First & Last Name Fields: Show these fields on the account page?
  • Disable First & Last Name Fields: Prevent users from changing these fields on the account page?
  • Require First & Last Name:  Are these fields required in the account screen?
  • Allow users To Change Email: Enable / disable the ability for users to change their email address
  • Password Is Required:  Enable this so that the user is forced to enter a password whenever they change data on the account screen
  • Allow users to hide their profiles from directory: Grants the user control over whether they appear in the user directory
  • Require A Strong Password:  Force strong passwords when they are changed on the account screen.


This option controls the size and image quality of certain uploads including the profile photo and cover photo.  Click the UPLOADS link to access it.