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The Friends component in SPMM allow users to become friends with each other. The functionality is similar to the FRIENDS function available on most other social media platforms.

In order to see friend activity in a “social feed”, you do need to enable the Social Feed component as well!


  • New FRIEND buttons in each user profile (also CANCEL FRIEND REQUEST and UNFRIEND when necessary)
  • Friend buttons in the user directory and on user profiles
  • Adds a tab to user profiles that show users friends
  • Adds a tab to user profiles that show users friend requests
  • Users can restrict their profiles to only friends
  • Users can receive notifications for new friend requests
  • Users can receive notifications when a friend request is accepted
  • Private messaging functionality can be restricted based on friendship status

Activating The Component

To activate the FRIENDS component:

  • Click the checkbox for Simple:Press Member Manager – FRIENDS
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.

General Settings

Access the general settings page at MEMBER MANAGER->SETTINGS->FRIENDS

Restrict the Friend Function by Role

You can control which roles are allowed to friend each other.

  • Edit the role that you need to restrict
  • Scroll down to the Friends section
  • Can Friend Others: Whether this role can friend other users
  • Can Friend These User Roles Only:  Which roles the user is allowed to friend.  For example, you can specify that Editors, Authors and Subscribers can be friended by users in this role, but VIPs cannot be friended.  Use the CTRL-CLICK key combination to choose multiple roles.
  • Click the Update Role button on the upper right of the page to save your changes

The End User Experience

In the directory, there is a new FRIEND button on each user card:

Each user profile has a new ADD FRIEND button:

Each user profile also has a new FRIENDS tab:


Q: What is difference between the FRIEND component and the FOLLOW component?

A: A user can be followed without providing permission – as long as the admin permits following functionality between the roles and users have not removed themselves from being followed.  To become FRIENDS, a user must approve the request – i.e.: permission is required by the user who is being friended.