Simple:Press Documentation



The Groups component in SPMM allow admins to create discussion groups for users.  Groups can be Public where any user can participate or Private where discussions are restricted only to approved group members.

This is, in effect, a simple discussion forum – for more complete forum functionality please consider our Simple:Press Forums plugin.


  • Admins can create public and private groups and add new members to the group
  • Existing group members can then invite new members
  • Optional group moderation to prevent spam
  • Assign groups to categories and tags

Activating The Component

To activate the GROUPS component:

  • Click the checkbox for Simple:Press Member Manager – GROUPS
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.  However, additional configuration is necessary to make the GROUPS option appear on the front-end.

Enable on the user profile menu:

  • Scroll down to the Groups Tab option and turn on the check-box
  • Click the Save Changes button

Global Settings

Access settings that affect all groups via MEMBER MANAGER->COMPONENT SETTINGS->GROUPS.

Creating New Groups

Admins can create new groups by going to either MEMBER MANAGER->GROUPS and then selecting the ADD NEW link from the left hand side of the screen. Or go directly to the new top-level WordPress menu option, GROUPS->ADD NEW.

The screen that appears might look a little familiar  – it’s a standard WordPress custom post-type screen with some additional options.

On this screen you can:

  • Set a title
  • Set a description
  • Set privacy options
  • Set invitation options
  • Add new members to the group
  • Assign the group to a category
  • Set an image

When adding new members to the group, it takes a little getting used to how it works.

  • In the ADD NEW MEMBERS area, start typing in the new member user name or email address.
  • In the list that pops up select the user
  • Wait a couple of seconds until the user’s avatar is retrieved
  • Click the Add button.  That will move the user to the list of existing members below.
  • Make sure you click the UPDATE GROUP button when you’re done adding members.

Adding Group Pages To Your Menu

When the component is enabled, two new pages are automatically added with the requisite short-codes – “My Groups” and “My Invites”. You can add these pages to a menu that is visible to the end user if you like.  The same information in these pages will normally appear in the user’s profile screen but you might want them to be separate menu options on the main menu.

The End User Experience

On the front-end, the end user can access any group from their profile page via a new GROUP tab.

In each group the discussion the user can choose to make a post, view members in the group or send invitations to new members (if permitted to do so).