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The Notices component of SPMM allows the admin to display notices to users across their WordPress site.  Here are some of the key features that this component will bring to the table:

  • Setup unlimited notices
  • Sitewide notices in the footer (left or right side of the screen)
  • Place notices anywhere using Shortcodes
  • Restrict notices to logged-in or logged-out users and/or users with a certain role
  • Customize the style of each notice
  • Add a call-to-action button on each notice
  • Add an icon to each notice
  • Display notices to users who have not completed their user profile, added a cover photo or entered data for a certain field.

This component is not intended as a full-fledged marketing pop-up – if you need that kind of heavy-duty functionality there are lots of dedicated WordPress plugins that fit the bill.  Instead, this component is intended as a lightweight notices component that can be used to make sure your users are aware of certain things without being overly intrusive.

Activating The Component

To activate the NOTICES component:

  • Click the checkbox next to Simple:Press Member Manager – NOTICES
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.

Adding A Notice

To add a new notice:

  • Click the Add New Notices button at the top of the screen
  • You should now see a screen with extensive options
  • First, set up the title of the notice – this is visible only to the admin
  • Next, enter the content of the notice – the information you enter here is what the user will see when the notice is displayed on the site

  • Select the appropriate options in the OPTIONS, FOOTER, STYLING and CALL TO ACTION sections
  • Click the Publish button on the upper right of the screen to make the notice active.

Using The Short Codes

If your notice is NOT set up as a footer notice, then the only way the user will see your notices is if you place the notice short-code somewhere on the site.

The notice short-code is shown in the notices list under MEMBER MANAGER->NOTICES or inside each notice setup page on the right hand side.

The short-code can also be added to a page, post or any location where a short-code can be used.  It can also be used in WordPress php code using the do_shortcode function.

Note: If a notice is set up as a footer and then the short-code is also placed on a page/post where the footer notice should appear, only the short-code notice will be visible to the user.  In this situation the footer notice will NOT appear. Otherwise, the user will see the notice twice which is usually an undesirable outcome.

Global Settings

The component has some global settings:

  • There you will see a screen with the following options:

  • Update as you see fit and the click the Save Changes button