Simple:Press Documentation

Online Users


The Online Users component of SPMM provides the ability for admins to add widgets and shortcodes that display a list of users that are currently online.


  • Show a list of online users using a WordPress short-code
  • Show a list of online users using a widget
  • Allow the admin to filter the list of displayed online users via a role
  • Allow the admin to set the maximum number of user profile pictures to be displayed in the online users list
  • Display a green dot next to the users name in their user profile when they are online
  • Display a user’s online status in the user directory

Activating The Component

To activate the ONLINE USERS component:

  • Click the checkbox next to Simple:Press Member Manager – ONLINE USERS
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.

Display Users Online Using A Short-code

Straight out of the box, there is no page or other element that is automatically set up to display the list of online users.  You can, however, add this list using a short-code to a new page, post or most other areas of the website that will parse a short-code:

[simplepressmembermanager_online roles=’administrator’ max=11]


  • roles: The role you would like to display.  Leave this parameter out to display all roles.  This is an optional parameter
  • max: maximum number of images to display – default is 11.  This is an optional parameter.

Display Users Online Using A Widget

This component includes a widget that can be used in most WordPress widget areas.  The name in the widget list is SPMM – ONLINE USERS.

It can be added to a widget area under the normal WordPress APPEARANCE->WIDGETS screen or in the WordPress CUSTOMIZER.


Display Online Status In Member Directories

By default, the users online status is NOT displayed in the member directory.  To display the status in a directory:

  • Edit any directory
  • Scroll down to the option with the name Choose fields to display in tagline
  • Click the ADD NEW CUSTOM FIELD button
  • Select Online Status in the drop-down list
  • Save the member directory by clicking the UPDATE button in the upper right hand side of the screen.

You should now see the online status in the directory:

Hiding A User’s Online Status

Each user can go to their PRIVACY tab under their ACCOUNT screen and choose to disable their online status: