Simple:Press Documentation

Profile Completeness


The Profile Completeness component of SPMM enables the admin to force users to complete one or more fields on the user profile before allowing access to secure areas of the website.


  • Use a WordPress widget to show users which profile fields need to be completed
  • Ensure that users complete their user profile by automatically redirecting them to their profile page (optional)
  • Restrict display of users profiles in the user directory if the user profile is incomplete (optional)
  • Decide which fields are mandatory in a user profile and what percentage each field contributes to the user profile “completeness” calculation
  • Set which roles are subject to the profile completeness requirements
  • Each role can have different fields that are subject to the completeness requirements
  • Restrict users from commenting on posts, bbPress forums and viewing other user profiles until their own profile is complete (optional)

Activating The Component

To activate the USER PROFILE COMPLETENESS component:

  • Click the checkbox next to Simple:Press Member Manager – PROFILE COMPLETENESS
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.

Setup Roles

Profile Completeness requirements are set on a role-by-role basis.  This means, for example, you can completely bypass the requirements for your Authors while enforcing them for your Subscribers.

To setup the requirements for a Role:

  • Click on any role that should be subjected to the user profile completeness requirements
  • On the right hand side of the screen you should see a new “metabox” labelled Profile Completeness.
  • In the Enable Profile Completeness dropdown, select Yes.
  • In the Percentage Required For Completion field set to your desired percentage – generally 100%.
  • Click the ADD FIELD button to add your first field. There, you can select the field name and the amount it contributes to the profile completeness calculations.
  • Continue to add fields until the fields total 100%
  • Click the Update Role button at the top right of the page.

Other Options

In the metabox, you will see a few other options:

Upgrade role:  You can automatically upgrade the user role when the profile is complete.  Thus, for example, you can start the user off with a “pending” role and then graduate them to a “subscriber” role once their profile is complete.

Require profile to be complete to browse user profiles?  Turn this on to restrict browsing user profiles

Require profile to be complete to leave a comment?   Turn this on to restrict commenting

Require profile to be complete to create new bbPress topics/replies?  Turn this on to restrict replying to bbPress topics

Display Profile Completeness Status

There are three options you can use to display the status of the users profile:

1. Display at the top of the user profile form

  • Go to MEMBER MANAGER->FORMS and edit a profile form
  • In the USER META box on the right side, click Add New Field
  • Select the Profile Completeness field
  • Click the UPDATE button at the top right of the screen to save the changes.


2. Display anywhere on the user profile form

When this component is enabled, there is a new field type available on all forms called Profile Completeness.  You can simply add this field type anywhere on a profile form!

3. Display as a widget

There is a widget that can be added to any widgetized area on the site.  Go to APPEARANCE->WIDGETS to be able to drag-and-drop the widget into a widget area.

4. Display using a short-code

  • simplepressmembermanager_profile_completeness: Displays the widget
  • simplepressmembermanager_profile_progress_bar: Displays the progress bar

Neither one needs any parameters