Simple:Press Documentation

Real-time Notifications


The Real-time Notifications component of SPMM provides real-time alerts to the user while they are browsing your site.  Alerts will show up in an icon on the lower right of your site pages.


Real time alerts will appear for the following events:

  • Role change – when an admin changes a user role (usually when upgrading or downgrading a membership)
  • Post comments – for posts that the user owns
  • Comments – when someone replies to a comment (that the user made)
  • Profile views – when another user or guest views a profile
  • bbPress – when someone replies to a post the user made or topic that the user started
  • User reviews – when someone leaves a review for the user
  • MyCred – when points are added or removed from the mycred account

Activating The Component

To activate the REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS component:

  • Click the checkbox next to Simple:Press Member Manager – REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.

Enable or Disable Notifications

Admins can enable and disable each notification type using the following procedure:

  • The admin can enable or disable any of the following notification types on this page:
    • New Comment Reply
    • New User Comment
    • New Guest Comment
    • User Profile View
    • Guest View Profile
    • Private Messge

Each notification type has a template that the admin can configure – each template is located directly under the checkbox that enables/disables a notification type.

Other Options

At the top of the settings page the admin will be able to set one of the most important options – How often do you want the ajax notifier to check for new notifications? The lower you set this option, the more powerful webserver you need to handle the same amount of users.  So take care when changing it.  By default, each user that is browsing the site will ping your server for updates every 45 seconds.  This means that if 100 users are browsing your site, every 45 seconds the site will get 100 requests for new data.

The End User Experience

End users will see a circle with a red value in it when a new notification appears.  The default position is the lower right of the site but the admin change this to the lower left.

Users can also change which alerts they would like to see on their account page:

When the user clicks on the notification link they will see a list of notifications in a right-hand panel on the screen: