Simple:Press Documentation

User Bookmarks


The User Books component of SPMM provides the ability for users to save links into their user profile/account.  For websites with many pages (eg: tutorial and e-learning sites), the user might sometimes need to save links.  Instead of saving it in their browser bookmarks where the links might be lost, they can save it directly in their account on your site.


  • Admins can control which types of pages/posts can be bookmarked
  • Admins can disable bookmarking on individual pages or posts
  • The bookmark option can be set to appear at the top or bottom of content pages
  • The user can organize bookmarks into folders
  • Users can choose to make their bookmarks public or private

Activating The Component

To activate the USER BOOKMARKS component:

  • Click the checkbox next to Simple:Press Member Manager – USER BOOKMARKS
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.


After the component is activated, admins can go to MEMBER MANAGER->SETTINGS->COMPONENT SETTINGS->USER BOOKMARKS to fine-tune the default settings.  In particular, there, the various page and post types can be enabled and disabled for bookmarking.

On any page or post where bookmarks are turned on, the admin can still disable an individual item using the bookmark option at the bottom of the page/post:

The End User Experience

When the end user clicks the BOOKMARK link/icon, they will be given a popup to select in which folder the bookmark should be stored:

All bookmarks will show up in the user profile.  Public links will be shown to all users but private links will only show up when the user is viewing their own profile: