Simple:Press Documentation

Verified Users


The Verified Users component of SPMM provides the ability for users to request manual verification by an admin and to sport a “verified user” designation on their user profile.


  • Users can submit a request to have their account verified and can cancel the request at any time before its been processed by the admin
  • Users who successfully complete the verification process will have a special indicator on their user profile to show that they have been verified
  • Admins can see a list of requests for verification
  • The user directory can optionally be sorted so that verified users appear first in the user list
  • Admins and users will receive email alerts related to the verification process

Activating The Component

To activate the VERIFIED USERS component:

  • Click the checkbox next to Simple:Press Member Manager – REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS
  • Click the Save Changes button

The component should now be enabled.


After the component is enabled, a Request Verification link will automatically appear on the user profile page:


Verified users will have a blue check-mark on their user profile screen to indicate a verified account:

Verifying Users

Admins can see a list of users waiting to be verified directly in the WordPress users page:

To verify any user, simply hover over a user and click the verify link:

Automatic Verification

Certain roles can automatically be verified on registration.  This can be used when a user is invited to register with a special code or purchases a special product or otherwise is granted that role. This can be enabled on the MEMBER MANAGER->USER ROLES page.