Simple:Press Documentation

Create Default Pages

As soon as the plugin is activated, you should see a notice at the top of your website admin panel that states:

Simple:Press Member Management needs to create several pages (User Profiles, Account, Registration, Login, Password Reset, Logout, Member Directory) to function correctly.

Along with this message should be a button, Create Pages.

If this is the FIRST TIME you are installing this plugin or you have installed it before and have NOT created these pages, now is the time to click this button!


What does this do?

This button creates the list of pages mentioned in the notice and then redirects you to the SPMM admin panel.  Each page contains a WordPress short-code that renders the appropriate data as needed when a user or admin views the page.  It also tells the plugin the ID of these pages which it automatically sets up for you in the SPMM admin panel.

So, now, when you look at your PAGES list in WordPress, you should see something like this – notice the SPMM next to some of the pages:


And, in your SPMM admin panel you should see something like this:

At this point you should probably add these new pages to the top-level menu of your theme.  You can usually do this under the top-level WordPress menu APPEARANCE->MENUS.  You will probably not leave all these menu options there – it just makes it easy for you to access each page to see what’s on them.