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Locking Memberships

Locking a membership prevents a user from making changes to their membership level.  This includes preventing them from upgrading to a membership if they currently do not have one.  This feature is useful for problem members that repeatedly purchase and cancel membership.

Additionally, you can lock a membership for a specific term.  This is useful if you want to restrict members from canceling membership until a required number of installment payments are made.


First, we need to create or generate a page that will show the user an error message whenever they attempt to do something that a locked membership will not allow them to do.

  • Scroll down to Additional Page Settings section
  • Click the small Generate link next to the Membership Locked item.
  • Click the Save Settings button.

Alternatively, you can create a page with the [spms_membership_locked] short-code and assign it to the Membership Locked item on this screen.

How To Lock A Member

  • Locate the member in the WordPress Users dashboard.
  • Edit the user profile.
  • Under “Lock Membership” check the box to restrict the member from changing their membership level.

Note that a locked member will still “expire” if there is an expiration date set on their membership account. The member will change to “no level” or a downgrade level you have specified via custom code upon expiration.

How To Lock A Membership Level

You can lock a membership level for a specific term length.

  • Edit the membership level on the Memberships -> Settings->Levels >page
  • Under “Lock Membership Level Settings”, check the box to lock the membership level.
  • The level can be set to unlock “Never” or after a specified time period (X days, weeks, months, or years).

View A List Of locked Members

To view a list of all locked members:

  • Navigate to Memberships -> Locked Members in the WordPress admin.
  • Select “Locked” from the “Show” drop-down.