Simple:Press Documentation

Add Member or Order From Admin Screen

This component adds an ADD MEMBER link under the main MEMBERSHIPS menu.  It also adds an ADD ORDER link to the main WordPress user listing and the user listing under MEMBERSHIPS->DASHBOARD.

Add Member

Use the MEMBERSHIPS->ADD MEMBER link to add a new member and assign them a membership level.  It is important to recognize that even though you can specify a gateway and a charge, no actual charge request is sent to your gateway.  This form simply records data and is generally used to record an event after-the-fact.

Add Order (For Existing User)

To add an order for an existing user:

  • Go to the WordPress USERS screen.
  • Locate the user in the user list
  • Hover over their user name and click the Add Order link.


Notes And Suggestions

If you need to add an order for one of your users and make sure that their card is charged, the easiest thing to do is to log into the site under their user name.  You can use the User Switching plugin to do that.