Simple:Press Documentation

Custom Post Types

You can add the Require Membership metabox to any WordPress Custom Post Type.  Straight out of the box, SPMS will add this metabox to the following Custom Post Types:

  • Post
  • Page
  • Products (WooCommerce)

Additionally, it will not allow you to add the metabox to CPTs that make no sense.  So, the following are not even shown to you:

  • Attachment
  • Revision
  • Navigation Menu Item
  • Orders (WooCommerce)
  • Refunds (WooCommerce)
  • Coupons (WooCommerce)
  • Product Variation (WooCommerce)
  • Plugins
  • Plugin Groups
  • Forum (bbPress)
  • Topic (bbPress)
  • Reply (bbPress)

To enable the Require Membership metabox on any other WordPress Custom Post Type:

  • Go to wp-admin->Settings->SPMS CPTs
  • Click the CPT you would like to enable (use the CTRL-CLICK combination to select more than one)
  • Select the page you would like to redirect the user to if they do NOT have the proper membership
  • Click the Save Settings button.