Simple:Press Documentation

Drip Series (Drip Content)

The SERIES module of SPMS allows you to deliver content to your customers progressively over time.  The technique is commonly called “Drip Feed Content”.

Enable the Series Component

If you do not see the SERIES option under your Main Menu in wp-admin, it means it probably wasn’t installed when the plugin was activated.  To activate it:

  • Go to the WordPress Plugins Screen
  • DEACTIVATE Simple:Press Member Subscriptions
  • ACTIVATE Simple:Press Member Subscriptions  again.

This should install the components needed for the Drip Series Content to work.  You will know its installed properly when you see a SERIES menu option in wp-admin.


Create A Series

In a nutshell, a series is a group of posts that are restricted to one or more membership levels.  So, first, you need to create your posts/articles.  Posts/articles can be WordPress pages or WordPress blog posts.  Regardless of which method you choose, you should make sure that you restrict each article to the appropriate membership level using the options in the Require Membership meta-box that is available on all pages and blog posts.

Once you have your content created, you can group them into a drip series:

  • Go To wp-admin->SERIES->NEW SERIES
  • Give the series a name and in the body provide a description of the series.
  • In the MANAGE SERIES meta-box, you can add your posts to the series in the order in which they will be delivered to your end users.
  • For the DELAY, specify the number of days after the user signs up – a value of zero will release the content immediately.
  • Click the PUBLISH button to start the series.

You can add additional content to the bottom of the series at any time.  But be careful about adjusting the number of days or adding content in the middle of the series once the series has been started – existing users in the series might receive their content at unpredictable times.

Advanced Settings

If you have a custom post type that has content that is restricted, you can include it in the drip-series.  Of course, this assumes you have a UI and such for the CPT.

The default content types are posts and pages.  To add a CPT to the list of content types allowed:

  • Scroll down to the SERIES section
  • Enter your content type – follow the instructions there!
  • Click the Save Settings button.