Simple:Press Documentation


With the MailChimp component you can add users to MailChimp when they sign up for a membership and remove them when their memberships expire.

Enable the MailChimp Component

  • Scroll down to the MAILCHIMP INTEGRATION section
  • Set the drop-down to YES
  • Click the Save Settings button.
  • Important: Go to the WordPress Plugins Screen and DEACTIVATE Simple:Press Member Subscriptions.  Then, ACTIVATE it again.  This will install some back-ground processes that are needed.

Configure The MailChimp Integration

  • Get A MailChimp API Key – follow these instructions on the MailChimp website to create an API Key:
  • Add the API Key to SPMS – go to wp-admin->SPMS MailChimp and enter the key in the Mailichimp Api Key field
  • Click the Save Settings button – this should refresh all drop-downs with lists from your MailChimp account.

Now you can select the lists that your users will be subscribed to for each membership level.  For users that are not part of any membership levels, you can also add them to the ALL USERS list.