Simple:Press Documentation

Pay By Check

With the PAY-BY-CHECK component you get some additional options that make it easier to manage payments received by check or wire.

Enable the PAY-BY-CHECK Component Background Jobs

The pay-by-check component relies on a series of back-ground processes (WordPress cron jobs) to make sure that check payments expire memberships properly and that users are reminded to send in their checks on a periodic basis.

To make sure these jobs are running, go to the WordPress Plugins Screen and DEACTIVATE Simple:Press Member Subscriptions.  Then, ACTIVATE it again.  This will ensure that the cron jobs are enabled.

Pro Tip: You can use a plugin called WP CRONTROL to verify that these back-ground processes are enabled.  Once installed you can look for the following names under wp-admin->TOOLS->CRON EVENTS:

  • spmspbc_cancel_overdue_orders
  • spmspbc_recurring_orders
  • spmspbc_reminder_emails

Configure Pay By Check Options

  • Change your payment settings in MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->PAYMENT GATEWAY to Pay By Check.
  • Enter the instructions for how the user should pay by check.
  • Click the Save Settings button.
  • Switch the payment settings back to your primary settings – the Pay By Check options will be retained in the back-ground.

Now, for each of your membership levels where you would like to allow the users to pay by check:

  • Edit the membership level via the MEMBERSHIPS->SETTINGS->LEVELS screen
  • Scroll down to the PAY BY CHECK SETTINGS section
  • Turn on the PAY BY CHECK option for that level and set  the additional options for the reminder emails.


  • Users who choose to pay by check will have their order to “pending” status.
  • Users with a pending order will not have access based on their level.  Instead any protected pages or posts that they would  normally have for their membership level will show a message: Your payment is currently pending. You will gain access to this page once it is approved.
  • After the check has cleared, you can edit the order to change the status to “success”, which will give the user access.  You can edit the order under MEMBERSHIPS->ORDERS – the status field will be close to the bottom of the edit order page.
  • An email is sent to the user informing them of the status change.