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Pay For Posts (Add-on Packages) – in process

The pay-for-posts feature allows you to request payment for access to individual posts or pages.  We sometimes refer to these as “add-on packages”.


  • An admin can designate a post or page as an “add-on”, requiring a separate one-time payment to access it.
  • Users without access to the page / post will see a message with a purchase link.
  • You can set a global expiration for all add-on packages
  • You can display a grid of all add-on packages using a short-code.


An “add-on” package is just a post with a price on it.  At the bottom of all posts there is a new section SPMS Addon Package Settings:

Just create your post, fill in the price and set which memberships are required in order to purchase the add-on.  At least one membership must be specified.  “Add-on” means that the user must have a current membership in order to purchase the “add-on”.

The User Experience

When a user tries to access the page they will see an excerpt and a link to make the purchase.


See all parameters for the spms_addon_packages short-code on the short-codes page: view short-codes and parameters

When the short-code is used, there is a different experience for different types of users:

  • Users who have already purchased the package will see a VIEW link.
  • Users who have a membership that is authorized to purchase the package but has not done so already will see a PURCHASE link.
  • Users who do not have a membership or is not logged in will see a BUY or PURCHASE link that will allow them to purchase both the membership and the add-on package at the same time.


There are some very important limitations with this add-on package feature:

  • It only works for a one-time charge – no recurring charges
  • No tax or discount codes can be applied.