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Site-wide Sales


The Site-wide sales component allow you to set up landing pages that are associated with discount codes.  The discount codes are automatically applied to anyone who has viewed the landing page and checks out (assuming they aren’t blocking cookies from your server).

Sales can be configured to start and stop at particular times, render banners across your site to promote your sale and report on the revenue, landing page views and other pertinent statistics associated with your sale.

Behind the scenes a cookie is created for each site visitor every time a sale is active.  This cookie will track whether the user has viewed the banner, landing page or has completed the checkout process. With this information, data can be reported on a sale-by-sale basis.

Create A New Sale

To create a new sale:

  • Click the ADD NEW button at the top of the list (or, if this is the first one you’ll see a special button in the middle of the screen)
  • Give the sale a title – this is for reference only – it will not show up anywhere on the front-end.
  • Enter the start date and end date of the sale.
  • Associate a discount code with the sale (optional)
  • Select a landing page – if you choose the CREATE A NEW LANDING PAGE button here, a draft page will be created for you.  You can edit it later.  In this step you also need to select which membership level this sale is associated with as well as the pre-sale and post-sale content that will show up on your landing page.
  • Select a banner that will be displayed across your site.
  • Click the SAVE ALL SETTINGS button.

On the START DATE, the plugin will start tracking your sales related to the promotion and display your sale banner.  It will automatically stop tracking sales and remove the banner on the end date.


Your landing page can use the [spms_sws] shortcode.  If you elected for the system to create a draft landing page for you, this short-code is already present on the page.  With this short-code, your pre-sale and post-sale message are automatically rendered on landing page on the appropriate dates.

To see what the short-code will render pre-sale and post-sale, you can view your landing page with additional attributes in the URL (as long as you’re logged in as the admin):

  • View pre-sale content:
  • View sale content:
  • View post-sale content: