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MailChimp: Export Users To MailChimp

If you have members and users that have signed up for your website via SPMS but you are only now starting to use MailChimp, you will need to export your existing users to MailChimp.  This is because you would want MailChimp to know which users have signed up for which levels.

Step 1: Export users to a CSV File.

  • Go to wp-admin->SETTINGS->SPMS MAILCHIMP
  • Click the button labeled Click Here To Export Your Members List For A MailChimp Import
  • Select the Membership Level You Are Exporting (You will repeat this process for each membership level)
  • Click the Download List button.

Open your downloaded file in a text editor and make sure that it has the SPMSLEVEL and SPMSLEVELID columns – these are the columns that will tell MailChimp which memberships your users have subscribed to.

Step 2: Import Your List Into A MailChimp

In 2019, MailChimp expanded their service offerings and renamed some things.  Instead of lists being called “lists”, they are now called Audiences.  So you will be importing your users into an Audience.

Follow these instructions on the MailChimp website to import your users: Import Contacts Into MailChimp.

Very Important: Make sure you match the SPMSLEVEL and SPMSLEVELID fields to an existing field in MailChimp.  You might have to create these fields in MailChimp first before you are able to match these fields.

During the import setup you should set the status of imported contacts as Subscribed and turn on the checkbox for the option to Update Existing Contacts.

During the import setup you can also add a tag for the imported users.  You can create a tag with the name of your membership or something like “imported-silver-members” so you can view these members later.  And, if your list has groups you can add them to one or more groups as well.

After the import is complete, you can create segments of users based on the SPMSLEVEL or SPMSLEVELID fields and send emails to just those users.