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Some Important Notes About Combinations of Recurring Billing and Expiration Dates For Membership Levels

Simple:Press Member Subscriptions can be used to set up a number of different membership structures and pricing structures.  However, for most users, there is no reason to set up a membership with both a recurring billing and an expiration date.  You should choose one or the other!

The reason is simple – when the recurring billing fails or expires, the membership will automatically be cancelled.

Renewal Options – Use one of the following TWO options

  • If you want your members to be billed automatically, set up a recurring billing amount.  Do not set an expiration date – the membership will expire when the recurring billing fails.
  • If you want a one-time payment that expires after a certain period, set the one-time payment amount and then set an expiration date.

When Both Might Be Needed

There are some rare cases where setting both options might be needed.  Here are two examples:

  • X easy payments for 9.99
  • Courses with a set time frame such as $20.00 per week for an eight week course.

In these cases you can set both the recurring or one-time payment option AND an expiration date.

One side effect of this is, upon expiration, the user will have no access to anything.  So you will need to manually reassign a membership to them upon expiration.