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Syncing Up Custom Fields Between SPMS and SPMM

Both SPMS and SPMM offer the ability to set up custom fields for users.  These fields are separate and distinct in each module.  But, it is possible to sync them up.  The most common scenario is when a field is set up on the SPMS registration page.  But then you require that it be shown on the SPMM user profile screen.

Lets assume that you have set up a field under MEMBERSHIPS->REGISTRATION FIELDS called “Referral Code”.

When you set up that field, the UI never asked you to set up an internal WordPress name for it.  Instead it converted your field name to lower case and put dashes in it.  Thus, inside of WordPress it is using referral-code as its reference id.

In order to sync this up with SPMM, you can set up a custom field there where the id is referral-code.

To do this:

  • Go to MEMBER MANAGER->FORMS and edit the “default profile” form (assuming you didn’t add any other forms).
  • Click the + sign that is shown under the list of fields on the form.  If you don’t already have custom fields on there, it will be under the LAST LOGIN field.

  • In the popup that follows, choose TEXT BOX as the field type.
  • After that you will see an ADD NEW FIELD popup.  The most important thing in this window is the META KEY field.  That should contain the referral-code id.

  • Save the field and then save the form.

If all is set up correctly, then whenever the user fills out a referral code on their SPMS signup form, it will also so up in the default profile form.

If you want the field to show up in other SPMM forms, just add it to those forms as well.